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Scanner profiles

For anyone that scans their own film, I came across a set of excellent color profiles that can be used to ensure your scanner is giving you a correct interpretation of your film. Just like display and printing, it is important to calibrate your scanner software so that it gives you accurate colour representation.

This profile from Wolf Faust at contains a reference file and a colour chart for scanning. Essentially, the scanning software scans the chart and uses the reference file to make the output of your scanner match with your film and give you more accurate results.

If you look closely at the image, you can see that this one has been made specifically for the film I use, Fuji Velvia 50. You can use these with any scan software that supports IT8 calibration, such as the Silverfast series. For anyone not using this software I highly recommend trying it, it really allows you to take control of your scanning to get the most from your images.

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