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L Brackets for camera

As I was about to write my review for the Gitzo Traveller tripod I came across my L Bracket that I have attached to my Canon 5Diii. For anyone not using a camera with an inbuilt portrait grip this is an invaluable piece of equipment, it allows you to mount your camera in either landscape or portrait orientation without setting the tripod head at a 90 degree angle. I've often found that having your camera sitting off to the side makes it more unbalanced, but this lets me set the camera directly above the tripod shaft making it more stable.

You'll also notice in the picture that I've removed the strap from my camera, As I always use a tripod I find that shoulder straps just get in the way, and on a windy day it's just something else that gets grabbed by the wind and adds camera shake. There are a host of L brackets available, the camera specific ones can be quite pricey, the one I use is a generic plate that came with my timelapse gear, it's not too dissimilar to this one from Amazon for £9 (if you can find it elsewhere from a tax paying company let me know :D ). Although it may cover up some of the slots at the side of the camera, I've never really found this to be a problem.

If you have any other tips for improving camera stability let me know!

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