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Inspirational Time lapse

After writing a short post about movies that I found inspirational (which you can read here) I thought it would be good to mention 2 films that opened my eyes to time lapse photography.

Several years ago Kerry and I moved into our new house, a 1920's semi that hadn't seen so much as a drop of paint in 40 years. We spent months and months ripping out the horrendous 70's decor and restoring (badly, often with the use of bad language) its original features. During this physically and mentally exhausting period of our lives we saw an advert for a movie running at our local arts cinema called Samsara, which was the result of 5 years of filming by Ron Fricke and Mark Magidson. So we decided to ditch the DIY for a night and went to see this instead.

Sitting in a dark theatre watching Samsara on a cinema screen was like hitting a giant stop button on life. For almost 2 hours all the frantic hustle of life gets turned off and, instead, your world is filled with stunning imagery that induces an almost trance-like state.

Filmed on 70mm film with a custom built computerized camera, there is no story or dialogue to this film. Instead, it focuses on humanity and nature and lets the imagery speak.

Wanting to know a bit more about the film I did a quick search on the internet and came across one of their previous films, Baraka. Filmed in a similar style, Baraka focused more on humanity's spiritual side.

Both of these movies contain a mixture of beautifully choreographed time lapse sequences and video footage from dozens of countries that will provide inspiration for anyone, whether you're into photography or not.

You can find out more info about these films at

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